Jet ice's ice paint is recognized by the industry for its high quality,

As an expert in the ice rink industry,

The company started from the professional production of ice paint products. The ice paint products developed and produced by them have been sold in the market for more than 30 years Many ice rinks of NHL in North America are in full bloom.

Super white 3000 ice paint

Super white 3000 is an ice paint product with strong covering power,

Superior performance. Almost all ice rinks in Canada use our ice paint products.

We recommend 10 ~ 12 boxes of ultra white 3000 to be used in a 85 '* 200' standard ice rink.

If your rink is an unconventional size rink,

You can also consult us about the usage.

Key Data


Olympic Rink (30m*60m)

12~15 Super White 3000

2 Red line

1 Blue line

1 Goal crease blue