Skate dryer

Brand I: maxga

II. Model: mp2001

Three colors: white or black (optional)

IV. scope of application: drying sports equipment, drying sports protective equipment, drying other sports equipment and facilities

1. The cabinet shell is made of all stainless steel plate, which is firm and durable, clean and sanitary, high temperature and high efficiency.

2. The heating system ensures that the temperature in every corner of skates and protective equipment is balanced and the drying is efficient.

3. Efficient heating design makes the product work more time-saving, power-saving, energy-saving and environmental protection.

4. Full automatic temperature control function ensures high temperature and high efficiency of disinfection, which meets the highest national standard.

5. All stainless steel appearance structure makes the product more beautiful, firm, durable, convenient and fast to clean.

6. The external layer frame with high applicability is suitable for more kinds of sporting goods such as skates, helmets, protective equipment, gloves and so on.

Key Data