Shougang Ice Hockey Hall was highly praised by foreign coaches

Customer contribution

Kunlun Hongxing vankelon team returned to Beijing home after two years. Head coach Fraser said that Shougang ice hockey stadium is very beautiful, which helps the team enhance great confidence. The players like this stadium very much and are glad to return to Beijing to play in this stadium. The dressing room, video hall and gym of this venue are top-level, including the hotel and the venue are very close, which is what the team needs. At the beginning of the design, Shougang ice hockey stadium introduced foreign well-known venue design teams to give advice. It not only has world-class ice surface and "standard" rooms such as offices and media rooms, but also has NHL (National Hockey League, the world's highest level professional ice hockey competition) level supporting facilities such as land training room and medical room, Among them, the athlete spa can help players relax their muscles in a short time, quickly recover and improve their physical fitness, which is second to none in China.

Ye Jinguang, who was promoted to captain this season, broke his career scoring record in a single season with a total of 21 goals and 15 assists. At the same time, he became the player with the most goals in a single season in the history of Kunlun Hongxing vankelon team.

After the game, ye Jinguang said that the new home has top hardware facilities, which is very beautiful. Against the background of the lights, the atmosphere of the audience is very good. From a professional point of view, the ice conditions are very suitable for sliding, and I feel very excited to play here. "I've been very excited since I warmed up," he said The construction, facilities and ice making process of Shougang ice hockey stadium, including lighting illumination, air conditioning temperature and humidity, dust removal and special facilities for athletes, have reached the world-class standards. 212 sets of light sets on site will also change the illumination according to different use environments. At the same time, it can form a flashing effect according to the music frequency and drive the atmosphere on site.

As a native of Beijing, Ying ruddy, a player of Kunlun Hongxing vankelon team, "my childhood dream was to play a professional league in my hometown, but at that time, the ice and snow sports environment in Beijing was not so good, and this dream seemed out of reach." Now, with the completion of Shougang ice hockey stadium, yingrudi has fulfilled his "hometown dream" and scored KHL's first personal goal in "home gate". He said that "the venue is very good in all aspects and the overall facilities are more advanced. We will play harder and live up to the support of the fans". As one of the top professional and advanced ice hockey halls in China, Shougang Ice Hockey Hall not only realizes the "hometown dream" of excellent athletes like Yingru dysprosium, but also realizes the "ball watching dream" of a large number of enthusiastic spectators at home.

Shougang Ice Hockey Hall successfully completed the task of the top ice hockey league. The decoration style, hardware facilities, security and cleaning, audience service and other aspects of the venue have been highly praised by the team and the audience. It is reported that the competition schedule of Shougang Ice Hockey Hall in the first half of this year is almost full, including women's Ice Hockey World Championships group A and group B, curling World Cup finals, the second National Youth Games and other major events. Shougang Ice Hockey Hall will welcome all competitions with professional and advanced facilities and services.