Blackstone X02便携系列 磨冰刀机

便利唾手可得-获得经过验证的性能优势,用自己的革命性Blackstone FBV®便携式磨冰刀机. Great为FBV®和ROH。一款适合家庭和场馆使用的滑冰刀。为个人,家庭和团队获得长期成本节省。易于使用

  • XS-WH-OR 4“轮
  • XS-WW轮扳手
  • X-12三列支架
  • we have discussed the project again internally and with the terms offered it makes little sense for us since the price (as already communicated) is only slightly different from the original product from the USA and we would have to undergo tests, risks and other imponderables with the new product from you.


    In order to at least limit the risk and to be able to test the product ( as far as the distance from our headquarter to the customer is concerned and consequently the costs and possible travel time to the customer to clarify possible problems of a first delivery as well as to be able to check quickly on site and with the customer problems that might arise) we would like to propose a deal to our local city government for which we need your support:

  • we would offer our city government the ice cover as a pre-series version à so they get a top price, but they also know that this is a first production batch which may have problems which we will of course solve. So we would solve 2 challenges all-together:
  • we can build a complete ice rink with it and consequently do a first full project
  • if there are problems we can check and evaluate them and look for solutions together with you without losing reputation

    Our proposal:

  • we need enough plates to cover an ice field (60 x 30 mt. - R = 8,5 m) with it (615 panels in total)
  • the panels must have the following dimensions: 2.44 x 1.22 mt.
  • surface: 1 side “skin” and 1 side waffle
  • Target price: $ 40.000,00 US for the whole project

    We hope we can find an agreement to realize this first project together and would be happy about many more projects together with you.


    We hope to hear from you soon


  • 电机:120 V,60 Hz,2.8 A(3450 RPM)
  • 单速:6900 RPM
  • 砂轮:4“直径,7/32”厚,7000 RPM最小额定值
  • 重量:45磅